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Human Resource Law Class

Daily Sitka Sentinel Staff Writer

Sheldon Jackson College’s Division of Lifelong Learning will offer an eight week course on Human Resource Law. The course provides a comprehensive guide to virtually every aspect of human resource legal issues faced by organizations including the basic HR functions of selection, compensation, and discrimination.

Participants will learn how to write clear job descriptions and job specifications; recruit, interview, and select qualified employees in full compliance with the law; establish compensation programs for salaried and hourly employees; develop an understanding of the Family Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act; and develop employment policies that ensure fair treatment of employees within the legal system.

The instructor for the course is Dr. Robert M. Whitcomb. Whitcomb is an expert in human resource management, organizational development, and leadership. He is a Senior Professional in Human Resources and has been an educator and business consultant in Maine and Wisconsin.

The course will run Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. during the College’s first mod August 30 through October 18. All classes will be held at Sheldon Jackson College. Cost for the three credit course is $375.00. The class text is available at the College’s Bookstore for an additional cost.