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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts program at SJC consists of five “perspectives” through which you fulfill course work and your senior project requirement.

WorldView develops your understanding of peoples and cultures throughout the world and Alaska . You will clarify your understanding of the influence of religion, politics, economics, and social systems upon people.

Historical perspective teaches you to apply historical analysis, methodology, and knowledge to contemporary issues. You will fine-tune necessary skills to write, research, and present complex subjects to a varied audience.

Literary perspective cultivates your awareness of literature as an expression of a common human identity embracing self, place and culture. You will develop analytic reading and writing skills and learn to dialogue with literary works.

Artistic perspective shapes your understanding of concepts, vocabulary, media, and history of art and music, past and present. You'll gain an appreciation of world art forms in relation to their time and place.

Environmental perspective seeks to investigate the ever-important role of the environment as it shapes political, economic, cultural and spiritual aspects of our various identities. The cultural and natural heritages of Southeast Alaska provide a wonderful context for such analysis.

Why Liberal Arts?

In choosing to study Liberal Arts at Sheldon Jackson College , you can opt for an educational adventure you’ll find nowhere else. SJC has an innovative Liberal Arts program, guided by experienced, enthusiastic faculty who combine scholarly activity with a deep concern for student success. Our location in Sitka is alive with vibrant culture, as evidenced by its museums, libraries, music, art, dance, and unparalleled natural beauty. Internships in these areas are readily available.

Small class size allows students to gain from close interaction with faculty who will guide them in their program and in a capstone senior project. You can expect to have less than a dozen students in most upper division Liberal Arts classes. We also offer tutoring and support outside of class whenever you need it! You can be sure you’ll be known by name in the Liberal Arts program. You can look forward to taking classes in English, History and the Arts as you begin to fulfill your general education requirements and work towards a Liberal Arts degree. Your advisor will work with you to plan your schedule.

How can I use my Liberal Arts degree?

With a Liberal Arts education from SJC, a wide variety of employment possibilities will be open to you. It is an excellent preparation for graduate study in law, humanities, and social sciences. The skill one acquires with a Liberal Arts degree will provide the tools to succeed in professions that value research, writing, and communication.