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Individualized Studies

Individualized Studies majors are excellent ways to prepare for unique employment opportunities and specific graduate fields. An Individualized Study major allows a student to pursue a bachelor's degree through a course of study that is tailored to individual interests and goals. With the Individualized Studies major option, a student can choose either a disciplinary or interdisciplinary route, assuming that the major is not already offered. Examples:

Disciplinary Major: A student might choose an Individualized major in English. The major would include the English courses offered at SJC, independent study courses, and perhaps coursework from other institutions.
Interdisciplinary Major: A student might choose to pursue a major in Youth Services. SJC has approved two interdisciplinary majors with this title, one which incorporates education and social science, and one which combines outdoor recreation and social science.
A student may start the process of an Individualized Study major as early as the second semester of the sophomore year by talking with an academic advisor or faculty sponsor. This discussion will be expanded to include faculty members in the area(s) which make up the proposed field of study.

The student, with the aid of the advisor and/or faculty sponsor, develops a written proposal which includes: a statement of objectives, a program of study, a program of evaluation, a statement of review, and statements by faculty members who agree to be a part of the committee overseeing the student's program.