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Why Sheldon Jackson College?
Students who choose Sheldon Jackson College do so because they recognize the college experience to be an opportunity to try something new, experience new places, and meet new and different people. When looking for colleges, our students were looking for a place where they would be recognized as individuals, not treated as numbers or lost in the crowd.

Because we are affordable, students who thought they might never be able to attend a private school have found that not only does an affordable private college exist, but they also have access to excellent programs and individual attention from their professors unlike at most other schools.
Small Size
With enrollment over 300 students, our campus enjoys the feeling of a close-knit community. Faculty and staff members know our students by name and look forward to personally getting to know each student. Smaller classes, even in the general education courses, mean more individual attention for our students. Freshman can expect to attend core classes with 20-30 other students. A small student body also means that students have more opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom.

At Sheldon Jackson College, we take pride in offering top rate academic programs, adventurous experiences outside the classroom, and the comfort and security of a small, close-knit campus community. We are also proud of the fact that our annual tuition is about 50 percent less than other private colleges around the country. Our scholarship and financial aid programs are designed to help alleviate the burden of financing your college education.

Situated on an island in Southeast Alaska, Sheldon Jackson College provides the best of all worlds when it comes to expanding your horizons. Nestled between mountains and the Pacific Ocean in the safe, coastal community of Sitka, Sheldon Jackson College provides students with opportunities to explore diversity, adventure, and culture.

Getting to Sheldon Jackson College is easier than it may seem - just a flight away from Seattle, Washington, or a ferry ride from Bellingham, Washington. Students come to Sheldon Jackson from every corner of the country and find that the distinctive academic opportunities and the incredible location provide the perfect opportunity to experience an extraordinary college experience.