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What a fantastic time to attend Sheldon Jackson College! Human Service education is at the core of direct service growth throughout Alaska and the nation. Because Alaska is leading the way in cutting-edge training for this fast-growing profession, you will be able to experience this high quality Human Service education in Southeast Alaska, the Last Frontier!

Human Service Degrees
Associate of Applied Science in Human Services
Bachelor of Science in Human
Justice Emphasis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do Human Service professionals work?
You will find human service professionals in most any state agency and most non-profit organizations. There are also human service professionals working in the private sector, in academia, and in public service. This is a very marketable degree, and will only continue to become more and more in demand.

What kind of practicum placements are available?
Currently, practicum placements are being arranged based on student request. Past student placements include: both a small local hospital and a large regional hospital; the local high school; a local youth service agency; and an extended care facility. Future opportunities can be unlimited, based upon the willingness of the student to diligently seek out the most appropriate placement.

Will I be able to get a job back in my home town or village?
Absolutely! Alaska is on the cutting edge in preparing human service professionals to serve in otherwise under-served areas, as well as larger, more metropolitan places. Entry-level professionals are especially valuable due to their dedication and enthusiasm for serving.

Isn't Human Service the same as social work?
Similar, but not the same. Many areas of both the nation and the State of Alaska are moving toward the utilization of human service employees to serve in entry-level and subsequent supervisory positions. Social work is a long-standing profession that has provided the backbone from which the human service profession has developed and is expanding.

Can I specialize in a specific area, such as Alaska Native Studies?
Indeed you can. Currently, there are four areas of emphasis from which Human Service students may choose: Direct Service; Administration; Therapeutic Recreation; and Alaska Native Studies.